Tough Mudder has nothing on us Mothers!

Did you read my New Year’s post and wonder the hell is Tough Mudder!? Well if you are curious…and maybe want to join us?!, my dearest friend Kerrie Gallagher wrote a poignant blog about it and sums it up quite nicely! Her point about having been an incredible athlete to getting sore feet after walking around the mall for 3 hours especially touched me (although 3 hours at a mall, would likely depress me in other ways beyond my feet)! It’s about trying to do something and putting a goal out there that you can work towards accomplishing.

I remember when I was first pregnant with Conor and hadn’t a CLUE about dealing with a baby, never mind feeding him, bathing him and ya know, being his over all caregiver!? So I read books (lots of em!) and we took a super baby class and we TRAINED for a new stage of life.  When Conor finally (he was late!) did make his debut, I remember feeling so ready and knowing this baby was certainly going to change our world, but we prepared for it and no matter what came our way, we’d be able to handle it.

That’s how I feel about Tough Mudder.  A year ago I ran my 1st 5K on New Year’s Day!  It felt so awesome after training for it for so long and then last summer I ran a couple more races and ended the season by running the Diva Dash, which was a BLAST!  Now it’s time to step it up even more and go for the gold, all while supporting myself, my family and my loved ones who can’t run this race!  Here’s to you…Here’s to me!  Let’s kick some ass in 2013!

Here’s Kerrie’s post!  Give it a read, I think you’ll like it. :-)

xoxo, Burban Momma

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About burbanmomma

In 2014, after 3 years of staying home to help raise our children, I headed back into the workforce doing what I love – promoting live entertainment. Currently the Director of Concert & Event Marketing at the Citi Performing Arts Center, I oversee all marketing efforts for concerts, broadway touring shows and unique community events such as ArtWeek Boston. Before this I was with Feld Entertainment for 10+ years as an Event Marketing and Sales Director overseeing Boston and San Francisco, promoting Disney On Ice, Disney Live, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, and Monster Jam. On top of this, I am a Mom to 3 amazing young children and partner to a fantastic guy – all who I love wholeheartedly! In addition to my paying job and being a Mom, I also volunteer at our children’s preschool heading up their Development Committee, manage the scholarship program for the parenting non-profit group LexFUN!, and also volunteer at Conor’s elementary school through the Big Backyard program. Certainly no day is dull in the Pattom world! xoxo – Burban Momma
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