My Top 10 Favorite Things from this Christmas!

10.  Ada walking out to the Christmas tree and knowing instantly the pink scooter had her name ALL over it!  She even scooted it across the living room on the 1st try!  You go girl!

9.  Eating the scrumptious giant cinnamon rolls I made from a Mel’s Kitchen Cafe recipe.  I LOVE her recipes!

8.  Watching the 5+ cousins run in circles chasing each other till socks became ice skates and heads got bumped!

7.  My nephew played with the new Disovery Toys Castle Marbleworks that Santa brought Ada for so long that he peed his pants twice while playing with it!   Oh, haven’t we all been there!

6.  Each uncle getting “dragged” into setting up yet another Star Wars Lego something or other!  (I’m sure they secretly loved it!).

5.  Ada opening her big sister doll and never letting her go the rest of the day!

4.  Sneaking off to nap for over an hour with my two youngest amidst the chaos!  Total bliss!

3.  Conor saying to me “Mommy, I’ve got Bum-Thunder”…aka farts… LOL – too funny!

2.  Conor testing out his new big boy bike DOWN THE HILL, and not knowing how to use the breaks!  I think he escaped doing an endo and scraping his uncle’s car by millimeters thanks to Daddy!

1.  Spending time together with family in one house without ever leaving the one we were staying at!  YAH!

xoxo – Burban Momma

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About burbanmomma

In 2014, after 3 years of staying home to help raise our children, I headed back into the workforce doing what I love – promoting live entertainment. Currently the Director of Concert & Event Marketing at the Citi Performing Arts Center, I oversee all marketing efforts for concerts, broadway touring shows and unique community events such as ArtWeek Boston. Before this I was with Feld Entertainment for 10+ years as an Event Marketing and Sales Director overseeing Boston and San Francisco, promoting Disney On Ice, Disney Live, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, and Monster Jam. On top of this, I am a Mom to 3 amazing young children and partner to a fantastic guy – all who I love wholeheartedly! In addition to my paying job and being a Mom, I also volunteer at our children’s preschool heading up their Development Committee, manage the scholarship program for the parenting non-profit group LexFUN!, and also volunteer at Conor’s elementary school through the Big Backyard program. Certainly no day is dull in the Pattom world! xoxo – Burban Momma
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2 Responses to My Top 10 Favorite Things from this Christmas!

  1. Barbara Clemens says:

    Love the pictures and comments …. sounds like a perfect Christmas!

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